General Fishing

Fishing for Eagle RayOur most popular fishing trips is the fishing for Eagle Ray (Bull Ray) We meet for 9 am for a quick coffee and travel either up or down the coast to where the large Eagle Ray frequent. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes.

After we have anchored we will fish for the big Rays up to 100 kg and can give you a fight of up to 2 hours, on average the longest fight for a 120 kg fish was 3 hours and 40 minutes.

For most people if they are lucky enough to hook one up and get it to the boat, it will be the biggest fish of their life.

While fishing for the big fish you can also fish with lighter gear for the smaller species, like sting ray bream small conger octopus etc. During the summer months you can also swim from the boat while fishing, you may also see dolphins while anchored up or traveling to and from the fishing grounds.

Most people end up passing the rod around when we have a very big one on, however that’s your choice, not many people end up catching and fighting the fish on their own and landing it. All the Ray are returned alive after photos etc. The day will be a chilled enjoyable experience in any event.

The number of large fish landed in the day can vary from none to 6 depending on how quick you can land them, but believe me its worth trying for. The price for the days fishing approximately 6 hours is 90 Euros per person including all fishing equipment, bait, hot and cold drinks, taxes etc.

Wreck Fishing

The biggest fish we catch on the wrecks are conger and the occasional grouper, you can also catch various other species of fish including bream and mackerel depending on the time of the year.

The wreck fishing depends on the winds and currents on the day as we are normally fishing quite deep. Trip time and prices are the same as the Eagle Ray fishing 90 Euros per head inclusive of tackle, bait, hot and cold drinks etc.

Hard Ground

The hard ground fishing normally produces smaller but more numerous fish on lighter tackle. You are not travelling so far from the port and the day is shorter meeting for 9 and returning to port about 1.30 pm. Price including all tackle, bait, hot and cold drinks etc. is 50 Euros per head.

We are licensed for 12 passengers, we need a minimum of 8 people to make up a party, this can be your own group or you can join another group or individuals to make up the numbers.

All trips are subject to numbers and the weather, we are fully licensed, insured, registered and carry all the appropriate safety and first aid equipment as required by both Spanish and British law.


Trolling for Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) Small Tuna and Bonito (September, October & November)

Depending on when the Dolphin Fish start to run, trolling for these magnificent fish can be very exciting.

The boat will not stop all day, we troll lures behind the boat looking for the fish, we travel about 50 miles in the day, hunting down these fish that will give you a great fight on light tackle.

At the same time we will catch bonito and small tuna and the occasional swordfish. In my opinion the best fishing, as you never know how big the shoal will be. You will see the fish chasing the lures behind the boat, the anticipation is fantastic and they are excellent eating. The best months are October to Early November.

The fish can be close in or well off shore, all part of the fun finding them, but when we do WOW.

Prices can vary depending how far we need to travel to get into them, prices can vary from 90 to 100 euros per head. We will confirm before departure.

All tackle, lures, hot and cold drinks provided all day, and included in the price.

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Fun Days and Tabarca Island/BBQ Cruises

We meet for between 9 and 9.30 at Moby Dick, Marina International Torrevieja, or slightly later if that suits your party better. We take about an hour cruise up to Tabarca Island. Tabarca Island is a fish reserve and has numerous fish of many species, and some of the best snorkelling in the whole of Spain. You can feed the fish from the boat or from your hand when snorkelling or swimming.

We anchor up in a sandy bay within easy swimming distance of the beach and restaurants which you can visit if required. The boat becomes a floating platform for you to base your activities from.

For lunch you can bring your own food in the way of packed lunches, you can if required use our BBQ facilities for a small service charge or we can provide you with the BBQ from 6 Euros per head. Hot and cold drinks are included during the day, tea, coffee, beer , soft drinks and water is included with the BBQ package.

On the way back to port we can have a dabble fishing over one of the ship wrecks if required. We can stop at any time for a swim. When we get nearer to the port we will put out the dough-nut and those more adventurous of you can have some fun, it’s equally as much fun watching from the boat.

If time allows we can finish the day off with a final swim back in the harbour where it is always sheltered. You will be back on the berth by approximately 3.30 to 4 pm.

This is a very enjoyable day that you will remember for years to come.

There is a toilet on the back deck and a lot of sun shade, the boat is a very stable and powerful catamaran.

Total price for the day for up to 12 Passengers including fuel, taxes, skipper and hot and cold drinks is 900 Euro.

Scattering Ashes at Sea

Saying the final farewell can be one of the hardest moments in anyone’s life.Many of us want our ashes scattered at sea,

and where nicer than in the beautiful warm waters of the Mediterranean,

and rest in peace with the Dolphins and other magical creatures of the sea.

With our private boat charter, catering for up to 12 guests, you will be able to say your final goodbye,

read a prayer, a poem, or say the words that mean that special something.

We can play your loved ones favorite music through our on board system, by providing us with a CD or memory stick.

You and your family will be given the time to remember your loved one and we will only leave when you are ready.

At this stage a fresh cup of tea or coffee will be available, and maybe something slightly stronger.

We are available all year round and at any time booked in advance.

The normal trip will take approximately 1 hour, depending on the area you would like to go to.

The cost of the service for the boat, qualified skipper and up to 10 guests is only 300 Euros including hot and cold drinks.

The trip can be extended at the cost of 100 Euros per hour, after the first hour.

The boat is a fully insured, registered charter boat with a qualified skipper and all local licenses are current.

There is a toilet on board.If for any reason you can not carry out the scattering of the ashes in person,

we will happily carry out your wishes on your behalf. Please contact us to make arrangements.

May we take this opportunity to wish you our deepest condolences.